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I hone interpersonal insight and habits advancing your relationships, results and reputation – because how we communicate determines what happens and how we feel about it. What outcomes are you aiming for?

“It is fantastic to get such fundamental skills for life at work. Thank you!”Senior consultant (Spain)

Core competency advantages

HC was instrumental in the design and ongoing delivery of a global interpersonal training program: a program helping this fast growing ehealth provider harvest competitive advantages from putting interpersonal competence at the heart of professional development.

“Applicable everywhere, these tools are a compass for all interactions.”Key account manager (USA)

Strength of character

HC aligned with this industry leader’s vision that inner and interpersonal strength of character are essential to sustainable key account success. HC delivers the resulting transformative interpersonal curriculum to international teams on three continents.

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Your interpersonal advantage

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    Your value

    How people interact and collaborate is the difference that makes the difference. And how we talk to ourselves and others determines our interpersonal relationships, results and reputations. No matter our professional role, falling short here risks overshadowing our other skills and abilities. Working with me will make you better aware of, and able to influence, your interpersonal habits and those of others. This will make you more skillful, resilient and at ease in challenging professional and private interactions. Relating better to yourself leads to relating better to colleagues, subordinates, superiors, customers and vendors. And this pays out in more successfully discussing, selling, presenting, and negotiating ideas and solutions. As you grow, you and your organization more consistently make good things happen. This is good for you, and good for business.

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    From knowing how to doing now

    Experience, understand, optimize, and hone key principles of great communication. Understand and feel the effects of your and other’s unconscious habits. Use and personalize alternatives, empowering you to more consistently act and respond in relationship strengthening and solution focused ways. Tailor them to your role’s mission critical interpersonal challenges. Be it motivating and delegating, handling conflicts and objections, or giving and receiving feedback and criticism. Be it for effective leadership communication, honing the art of selling, and/or the full range of customer, vendor, colleague exchanges. The result: you will go home having already transferred your new knowing into authentic doing where you need it.

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    Proven international track record

    Effectively training and coaching communication power and resilience is learned from books and honed through life. My relationships, results and reputation suffered long from not knowing what I know now. Distilling ten years of philosophical, linguistic, and psychological research and teaching into principles for action with real life traction took time. As did twelve years perfecting them working with high-power teams around the world, and continued professional certification. This expertise and track-record are the stable base from which I passionately train and coach your communication fulcrum of success and well being.

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