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English training when it is critical to connecting to your customers, colleagues and international partners as comfortably as in your native language. And when you want English trained in a way that makes absolute sense to you. Ready?

“I never thought we could learn as much as we did in two days, amazing!”Head of state competence center

Confident empathic customer care

Fusing customized language and communication outcomes in mixed-ability groups makes HC this sector leader’s preferred English partner. The outcome: more confident consultants and more satisfied clients.

“His ability and professionalism left a lasting impression on me.”Leading university executive

In the international spotlight

HC was instrumental in this senior university executive’s transition to a role emphasizing persistent English communication. The outcome: an eye-level process fostering high-level nuanced expression quickly.

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Your English advantage

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    Your value

    My method, expertise, and experience maximize progress in minimal time for three reasons. You will focus 100% on the language you need for your lived world. You will leverage how you best learn. And you will have things explained in a way that makes sense to you. Your progress between sessions will, in addition, take off with laser focused intuitive 10 minute training sprints based on your every day life. You can expect to move up one or more CEFR (A1-C2) levels every 24 contact-hours given reasonable self-learning input. And you can expect to enjoy it in ways you never thought possible.

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    Virtual or in-person workouts

    Virtual and in person 1-on-1 sessions are intense two hour outcome driven language workouts. Mixed-level social learning sessions for up to 12 participants raise 1-on-1 quality and tailoring to the group level, letting you benefit from peer collaboration, coaching and mentoring. Mixed-level social learning fosters 70-20-10 learning cultures and simplifies group formation and scheduling. Group sessions are available as half-day, full-day and multi-day collaborative language workouts.

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    Proven high-level track record

    Since 2005, I have refined years of studying philosophy of language, logic, linguistic and pedagogical theory into better result-driven and fun language learning for more than 3000 participants and counting. I love helping motivated professionals reach fluency and achieve high-level outcomes easily and quickly.