Using Words Better

Words drive personal and organizational success and pain. Our passion and 20 years of international expertise is optimizing and leveraging what we do with them to ourselves and others.

Communication in action
Interpersonal Communication

I am convinced that everyone and their organization has communication resources to exceed their interpersonal communication sales, team building, customer service, or leadership goals. My passion is unleashing them in line with your strategic vision in a fun, inspiring and sustainable way. Interepersonal Communication

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Editing and Writing Text
Writing & Writers

Writers struggle getting writing done. Thought great on paper mirrors the elegance of human perception. Translating well requires expertise in a text`s content and audience. I train a powerful writing system, enabling comfortably producing precise, clear and immediately understood text.riting by great Writers

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Executive English

Interpersonal communication and writing competence in English require expressing yourself well in English . Twenty years of studying the philosophy of language and a proven track-record of over 2000 clients makes mastering complex English structures easy and fun. When your goal is clear, I will get you there.

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  • Xavier Dauw

    Xavier Dauw

    Alexander gives extremely helpful trainings for people who have already been writing for years, and did not know that they can easily write much better, clearer and more compact. A real must for professional writers. The workshop was really fun and my texts improved enormously.  Many many many thanks!

    Xavier Dauw
    Patent Examiner at European Patent Office

  • Jutta Neumann

    Jutta Neumann

    “The Communication game is an all around brilliant way to develop the communication competencies that really make a difference in my daily work. The reason it makes such an impact is that we don’t just learn how to do things better; we immediately train so that we really do better!”

    Jutta Neumann
    Operations – Takeda Germany GmbH

  • Ulrich Rüdiger

    “I had the good fortune of having Mr Harmsen’s support during and after my transition to Rector in 2009-10. His ability to crystalize and simplify complex material and his professionalism left a lasting impression on me. I heartily recommend working with Mr Harmsen to achieve high-level communication goals. He knows his stuff.”

    Prof. Dr. Ulrich Rüdiger
    Rector at University of Konstanz

  • Dorothea-Reder-Hubner

    “Mr Harmsen played a key role in a c-suite strategic change management process for over 150 of our international marketing and sales executives through twelve two-day workshops. His flexibility, keen insight, and unique versatile communication skills facilitated the buy-in and commitment needed for a successful outcome.”

    Dorothea Reder-Hubner
    Team lead E Solutions – BASF SE

  • Ulrich Dehner

    Ulrich Dehner

    „After thirty years of coaching, training, and publishing in German I really wanted to also do the same in English. A request for a project in Geneva became the impetus to begin doing so. Mr Harmsen effortlessly joined me in my professional language. so that I could learn from within what I wanted to say. No abstract dry rules got in the way of almost effortlessly exploring what I need to do with the language.”

    Ulrich Dehner
    Founder / Managing Director – Dehner Academy